Zorn’s government efficiency bill signed

LANSING, Mich. — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed Sen. Dale Zorn’s legislation as part of a multi-bill package to repeal dozens of obsolete, burdensome or duplicative state reports.

“Government reporting is a good thing when it helps improve state policies or public accountability,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “However, these eliminated reports were a waste of Michigan taxpayer dollars — providing prime examples of bureaucratic paperwork that was outdated, no longer needed, or already available to the public online.”

Zorn sponsored Senate Bill 1007, now Public Act 293 of 2018, to repeal a requirement that the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development report on food establishment licenses issued by the department during the preceding fiscal year. The reports take many hours to compile, and the department said that it had not received any inquiries or questions regarding them in years.

SB 1000 was the most comprehensive bill in the package. It repealed 16 reporting requirements in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. One of the eliminated reports is one by the Department of Natural Resources on the Recreation Bond Fund, which has been closed out and has exhausted its funds.

“Our goal was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government by eliminating costly and unnecessary reports,” Zorn said.  “Michigan has come a long way, yet we still face challenges. The time and money spent on these reports will now be able to be put to better use addressing the top priorities of families and job providers.”

The Senate and House measures are now PAs 237 and 287-310 of 2018.