Zorn urges governor to allow internet vehicle sales and leasing during COVID-19 emergency

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dale Zorn on Tuesday sent a letter to the governor urging her to allow Michigan dealerships to sell and lease vehicles online during the state’s COVID-19 emergency.

“Michigan is the automobile state, yet our state’s auto dealers are currently at a great disadvantage compared to dealers in states like Ohio, where they can still sell and lease vehicles in person and over the internet,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “We can allow our auto dealers to compete and protect the public from the coronavirus at the same time.

“I am urging the governor to revise her stay-at-home order to allow Michigan dealers to sell and lease vehicles over the internet and deliver them directly to the buyer’s or lessee’s home.”

Zorn’s letter specifically asks the governor to consider amending Executive Order 2020-21 to grant Michigan auto dealers the ability to use online sales and leasing options to serve consumers.

“Our auto dealers have successfully been selling vehicles via the internet for many years through available software such as GM’s Shop, Click, Drive program, which offers no person-to-person contact,” Zorn said. “My request to the governor is about allowing a cornerstone of our economy to continue to function in a limited form while still ensuring our state has the necessary measures in place during this public health emergency.”