Zorn supports sending balanced 2020 budget to governor

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dale Zorn has voted to send the governor a balanced fiscal year 2020 budget that increases investments in key priorities while living within the state’s means.

“Michigan families and job creators deserve a responsible state budget on time that provides the essential services people use every day,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “This is a balanced budget that supports our students, invests in our roads, improves our economy and protects our water — all without the governor’s $2.5 billion tax increase.”

Senate Bill 137 features $120 million for drinking water protections, including funds to address PFAS and other emerging contaminants and for a new private well testing grant program.

“This funding will help ensure that Michigan families continue to have access to clean and safe drinking water,” Zorn said.

SB 149 would invest $5.4 billion in transportation in FY 2020, an increase of more than $2 billion since FY 2010.

“I regularly hear from residents that we need to invest more in improving the roads, especially local roads,” Zorn said. “This budget prioritizes existing tax dollars to increase funding by $400 million to help improve local roads and bridges.

“In addition to putting $400 million more in local roads, this budget increases school funding by nearly $400 million. If the K-12 budget is signed by the governor, most schools in Monroe and Lenawee counties will receive an increase of $240 per pupil as well as additional resources to control school retirement costs and improve access to skilled trades education.”

Last week, the Legislature finalized the school budget. House Bill 4242 would invest more than $15.2 billion in K-12 education, a boost of over $2.2 billion in school funding since FY 2011.

The budget bills given final legislative approval on Tuesday would also increase funding to local governments, train more state troopers and corrections officers, assist efforts to respond to public health hazards, and fund programs that support rural hospitals and help improve access to OB-GYN services in rural areas.

SBs 134, 137-139, 141, 144, 147 and 149 and HBs 4229, 4231, 4232, 4236, 4238, 4239, 4241 and 4242 will be presented to the governor this week.