Zorn supports funding for key road project in Monroe County

Sen. Dale Zorn

Sen. Dale Zorn

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dale Zorn on Tuesday supported funding for a local road project as part of the state’s finalized fiscal year 2019 state budget.

“Stoney Creek Road has been in bad shape for far too long and the townships don’t have the resources to fix it,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “Even with large increases in road funding, it would have taken the county a long time to get this project done. It has been a pleasure to work with the local township and road commission officials to find the best way to fix Stoney Creek Road and to secure the funding for the repairs.

“I am proud that together with Representatives Bellino and Sheppard, we were able to get the project jump started in this budget.”

The approved 2018-19 state budget includes $3.35 million for the road repairs. The state funds will be used to replace the road in Frenchtown, Ash, London and Exeter townships.

“The entire state benefits from the energy produced at the Fermi II plant, and it’s only fitting the state pitch in to get this critical evacuation route fixed,” Zorn said.