Zorn sponsors Michigan Trails Week resolution

Sen. Dale Zorn

Sen. Dale Zorn

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate on Wednesday adopted a resolution sponsored by Sen. Dale Zorn to declare Sept. 22-29 as Michigan Trails Week.

“With more than 12,500 miles of designated land trails and 4,280 miles of locally designated water trails, Michigan is truly the nation’s leading trail state,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “I was proud to sponsor this resolution to celebrate Michigan trails and commemorate all the work being done by local and state governments and nonprofit organizations throughout the state to increase the opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy our state’s spectacular natural resources.”

Senate Resolution 182 states that Michigan hosts more than 5,000 miles of hiking trails designed for walkers, hikers, trail runners and other outdoor enthusiasts to explore the state’s natural areas.

SR 182 also notes that the state is known as one of the top states for mountain biking, with an unmatched diversity of trail systems and over 1,600 miles of natural surface trails.

“Michigan’s trail system can play a significant role in strengthening our economy, supporting thousands of jobs and providing families with a low-cost and accessible way to improve their health while enjoying the outdoors,” said Zorn, vice-chairman of the Senate Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Committee. “I encourages Michigan residents to get out and discover the amazing trails throughout Michigan and right in our own communities.”