Zorn introduces fair board reform measures

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dale Zorn on Tuesday introduced two bills to help county fair boards more effectively and efficiently conduct their operations and support their fairs.

“Our county fairs have been important parts of communities for generations, and I have worked with Monroe County Fair officials on ways to ensure they can continue to serve Michigan families and farmers for years to come,” said Zorn, R-Onsted. “This legislation would streamline how county fair boards notify their members about transactions and provide flexibility in how local agricultural societies fund their operations.”

Senate Bill 1018 would eliminate the current requirement that fair boards publish their intention to buy or sell real estate in the local newspaper and permit the notification to occur directly to members by postcard or email.

SB 1019 would eliminate the current $25 limit a local agricultural or horticultural society can charge members. The bill would allow members to establish the proper amount for the fee or create different fees based on a variety of circumstances.

The bills have been referred to the Senate Agriculture Committee for consideration.