Zorn introduces duck hunting clarification bill

Duck hunting is a popular sport in southeast Michigan and across the state. Unfortunately, some of the policies and laws concerning duck hunting are confusing.

Currently, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) allows duck hunting from a motorboat if the motor is off and the boat has stopped, yet Michigan law actually bans hunters from having a loaded weapon in a motorized boat. I have introduced legislation to clear up this contradiction by changing the law to mirror current DNR policy.

Senate Bill 1120 would revise the state law to reflect an existing Wildlife Conservation Order. Under the bill, the law would be changed to allow waterfowl hunters to hunt “from a motorized boat if the boat’s motor has been completely shut off” and its “forward progress has ceased.” It would also allow for easier transportation of hunting weapons on private property.

My bill is part of a legislative package to protect the rights of Michigan hunters and private property owners and make our state a more attractive hunting destination.

In addition to my bill, the package would also:

  • Preserve the right to hunt and fish in Michigan;
  • Encourage the Natural Resources Commission to review the state’s turkey licensure process and lottery program; and
  • Have Michigan join Indiana and Ohio in requiring written permission to hunt or fish on private land.

Hunting plays a key role in the way of life for many Michigan families and contributes more than $2 billion to Michigan’s economy each year. This proactive legislation is about clarifying and improving our hunting laws, maintaining our wildlife conservation system and protecting our outdoor traditions for generations to come.