Zorn honors state champion Dundee High School wrestling team

LANSING, Mich. Sen. Dale Zorn on Wednesday honored the Dundee High School varsity wrestling team at the Michigan Capitol for their undefeated season and Division 3 state championship.

“The Dundee Vikings wrestling team’s dedication to teamwork earned this talented group of young men the admiration and respect of their families, friends and fellow students,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “After a loss in the state finals last year, this team responded with a 21-match win streak to go undefeated — gaining a LCAA conference championship and the 2016 state championship. It was a season that will be recorded in history and long remembered by these young men and their community.

“Although the Dundee High School wrestling team was victorious in the end, the difficulties and challenges the team and Coach Roberts had to overcome should not go unnoticed.”

Zorn said that only 17 athletes showed up on the first day of practice. The team suffered several injuries throughout the season. Some injuries were minor, some put an end to the season and some ended wrestling careers.

“While wrestling is a sport of individuals, these individuals became a team and a family unto themselves,” Zorn said. “These athletes overcame roadblocks and became an inspiration to their community by being the best they could be.”

Zorn presented Coach Tim Roberts and the team with a special tribute recognizing the team and their accomplishment.


Editor’s note: The above photograph is available by clicking on the image or by visiting Zorn’s website at www.SenatorDaleZorn.com/Photowire.