Zorn applauds $3 million state investment in Monroe port

Sen. Dale Zorn

Sen. Dale Zorn

LANSING, Mich. Sen. Dale Zorn announced on Tuesday that the Port of Monroe will receive $3 million from the state to dredge the River Raisin and conduct critical port improvements.

“This is outstanding news for Monroe and the entire region,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “The port is the industrial, commercial and recreational gateway to Monroe and is Michigan’s only port on Lake Erie, yet its aging infrastructure has limited its accessibility.

“I applaud the local leaders for working together with state officials to create a first-of-its-kind plan to help the port and city make the vital improvements to enable the port to meet the needs of a growing economy and explore new opportunities for trade.”

The Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) awarded the Port of Monroe $3 million from the Investment Fund for the improvements. The board also approved a Brownfield Work Plan worth $3,643,225. The tax revenue generated as a result of the work plan will be used to repay the Investment Fund.

“As we consider policies to help promote job creation and economic development, it is important to remember the key role that our infrastructure plays in our economy,” Zorn said. “These improvements will increase the accessibility and efficiency of the Port of Monroe — leading to fewer cargo delays, reduced wear and tear on regional roadways, and a substantial increase in the opportunity for new trade.”