Sen. Zorn introduces school safety bill

Sen. Dale Zorn

Sen. Dale Zorn

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dale Zorn on Thursday introduced legislation to ensure law enforcement officers in Michigan have the training needed to effectively manage an active-shooter situation at a school.

“Our students deserve a safe place that enables them to learn and succeed,” said Zorn, R-Ida. “My legislation is about ensuring that every Michigan school and community takes the necessary steps to protect our students from senseless tragedy.”

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) has a mandated Active Duty Firearm Standard for all law enforcement agencies in the state. Currently, that standard does not include responses to active-shooter situations in schools.

Senate Bill 959 would require MCOLES to develop statewide training standards for active-shooter situations in schools. The training would be required to at least include scenario-based instruction involving 360-degree security, formation training, building entry and coordination of rescue and first responder teams.

“Training and preparation can save lives,” Zorn said. “When it comes to protecting our schools, it is critical that students, school staff and law enforcement all know what to do to prevent a tragedy and how to respond if a situation occurs.

“This bill is part of a comprehensive Senate effort to enact commonsense, effective solutions to keep our students safe.”

SB 959 was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration.