**PHOTO ADVISORY** Local school leaders support Zorn bill to help alleviate substitute teacher shortage

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Dale Zorn, R-Ida, and Dr. Julie Everly, superintendent of Monroe Public Schools, testified on Tuesday before the Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee on his legislation to allow retired school employees to return to the classroom as substitute teachers after only two months instead of having to wait at least one year.

Also testifying in support of the bill were Britton Deerfield Schools Superintendent Stacy Johnson and Principal Jeffery Scott and Monroe Public Schools principals Meghan Gibson and Scott Hoppert.

Under current law, school retirees may come back and work in a critical shortage area without it affecting their retirement benefits until July 2025 — but only if they have been retired for at least 12 months. Senate Bill 726 would reduce the wait time from 12 months to two months for retired school employees to return to work without impacting their retirement benefits.